Malekula Sunset

Malekula Sunset

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Island Nights in Port Sandwich, Malekula

Join the Locals for a night of live string band, traditional foods, and new friendships

-September 16th
-and October 7th
(kava & tusker not included)

Hello Friends of the Lamap Tourism Committee,

I want to say thank you so much to those of you who attended or helped with the Port Sandwich Art & Culture Festival in August. The community was very happy with the outcome and are excited to do it again next year. The organisers gained a lot of good experience and are preparing to receive more training in Tourism and work on improving the "yacht club" facility over the next few months. As they've been saying here this festival broke down a wall (i.e. set a good precedent) and now the community can work together to develop their area through community run tourism activities. Thanks to your support Tourism in Lamap is off to a running start.

After building up such a nice facility down at the Port Sandwich Wharf, the Lamap Environment and Tourism Committee has decided to make use of it with monthly island night events. Every month during the yacht season, May-October, the Tourism Committee will be hosting an island night down by the wharf. These nights will feature live string band, a Melanesian feast, the freshest kava, and cold Tusker. The following day there will be a custom dance display offered in the same location for those interested in learning more about the vibrant culture of South Malekula. The first of these events will be taking place on September 16th followed by one on October 7th. So come join the locals for a night of live string band, traditional foods, and new friendships. Hope to see you in Lamap soon.


ZIGGY said...

honorable and respectfull dance of the south east malekula

ZIGGY said...

really great and powerfull custom dance.
And also a bright dance that is to say for all around Vanuatu.

Joakim Batikakon

Joakim Batikakon
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