Malekula Sunset

Malekula Sunset

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Interesting Stuff, New Links!

There are two new links about Malekula! The first is, which provides travel information to those interested in visiting the Maskelyne Islands in South Malekula. To get to the Maskelynes you could fly into Lamap (Vanair services Lamap on Mondays and Thursdays), or you could find a ship heading that way (variable to quite variable).

There is going to be a three day cultural festival starting on October 1st, which will include some of the custom dancing highlighted on this site.

"The festival will be hosted in a new village daily, and visitors will be taken to each village by the local village chief. There, visitors will witness Smol Nambas Kastom Dance, and will be invited to participate in interactive workshops and displays of weaving, carving, coconut scratching, canoe building and sailing amongst other cultural activities."

The second is which is a guide to Rural Travel in Vanuatu. There are some particularly interesting sections on hiking around South Malekula, and also the middle of Malekula,

There is also a section on Malekula itself, covering the geography, infrastructure, people, and economy,

A big thank you to Stan Combs for sharing this information which he compiled during his work on the island between 1987-1989 as a local government Regional Planner. Some things have changed, but I found a lot of the information was still relevant. It is worth checking out if you are planning on visiting Malekula.

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Joakim Batikakon
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